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    We want to give you or your child a smile that will be beautiful and healthy for a lifetime! To do this, we use a combination of diagnostic records, clinical evaluations, facial and smile evaluations, all with an eye to the future and how aging will affect the smile.

    In evaluating your smile, we take into account many characteristics of your face and mouth, including…

    • The orthodontic condition of your teeth
    • The shape of your face
    • Your profile
    • Lip fullness
    • Nasal projection
    • Chin projection
    • Tooth shape
    • Smile symmetry
    • Amount of gum tissue visible
    • Your age and how your smile compares to age profiles

    We use digital videography to study your face in profile, from the front, from the oblique, in motion and at rest. We measure the relationship of teeth to lips to gums. We use computer database programs to measure the attributes of your smile so that treatment will deliver the best possible results. When forming a treatment plan, we take into account that, as a patient ages, his or her smile will not show as much teeth as when she or he was younger. We compare your or your child’s smile measurements to what are considered orthodontically normal measurements.

    But we won’t settle for simply normal for you! We want ageless. We want healthy. We want a beautiful, youthful smile for you, now and in the future.